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Industrial Consulting & Supply Corporation


Our 30th year serving the Gulf Coast Refractory Market

Industrial Consulting and Supply Corporation was founded in February 1992 by Warren Singer for the purpose of Stocking and Distribution of refractories and ancillary supplies to serve the local furnace maintenance market in the Baton Rouge Area.
During the early years, ICSC developed key distribution agreements with several less-known Refractory and Insulation manufacturers and with support of those manufacturers developed a well-known reputation as Refractory Consultants performing furnace inspections and surveys and design recommendations for maintenance and repairs of critical process heaters, boilers and kilns. As our reputation and business grew, we were able to attract the attention of global refractory manufacturers looking for local representation on the Gulf Coast.

Within a short time after our founding, it became apparent there was a need for fabrication capabilities leading us to establish ICSC Fabrications to produce custom precast refractory shapes, custom insulating firebrick shapes, and ceramic fiber module manufacturing. Driven by the highs and lows of the Energy sector, many change cycles have taken place particularly in the refining and petrochemical markets. During these three decades significant consolidation has happened within the Refractory Industry. Only a few of the original manufacturers represented by ICSC are still in business today having gone out of business or merged with larger global corporations. As part of the realignment created by changing markets, ICSC has become more focused on Refractory distribution and custom precast shapes and less as consultants and toll fabricators.

Today, the list of world-renowned manufacturers we represent is extensive. Our lines of refractory products, installation accessories and equipment is greatly expanded. With our vast product line and extensive inventory, almost any emergency outage can be completed from existing stock or our ready access to additional products.

In 2006, ICSC expanded our distribution business into the Houston, TX marketplace. By agreement with the TX partners, ICSC exited that market around 2013. However, in January 2022 we announced our return to the Texas market with the opening of our Pasadena warehouse.

ICSC's commitment after 30 years is stronger than ever to support the entire Gulf Coast refining, petrochemical, power generation, forest products, incineration and metal working industries. We have never forgotten the Contactors, end users and Installers who have placed their trust in ICSC and pledge continued 24/7/365 service to the Industry. Please give us a call or email on your next refractory project and let us prove that we will earn your trust and support.