From anchors to castables, firebrick and plastics, ICSC can fill the order. We represent several manufacturers and stock a large inventory of materials to serve the maintenance market. Being a multi-line distributor allows us the flexibility to select from a wider range of materials, ensuring the best possible solution. Our warehouses and custom fabrication facility can supply your refractory specialties requirements with; ceramic fiber modules; cast peep-sights, burner tile, lightweight vacuum formed pieces and and blankets. ICSC wants to be your first choice for refractory materials and solutions.

Pre-Cast Shapes

ICSC Fabrications offers a wide range of Custom Precast monolithic and composite refractory shapes for almost any application. We specialize in fast turnaround on emergency orders. We offer an unlimited material selection including Thermbond, dense, insulating, and low cement conventional castables, as well as options of 2300 and 2600 rated fiber cores for the composites. We utilize the best mold technology combinations of steel, foam, rubber and plastics to accommodate fast response and quality.

Firebrick & Insulating Firebrick

ICSC represents a number of leading manufacturers of fireclay and high alumina firebrick including Alsey Refractories Co., Mt. Savage Firebrick, Snowshoe Refractories and Harbison Walker. We stock several grades of firebrick including but not limited to, High Heat Duty, Super Duty and high alumina firebrick and tile shapes such as ship lap boiler tile, tongue and groove brick shapes, etc. We have a large selection of BNZ Materials Insulating firebrick from 2300 - 3000 grades.

Refractory Monolithics

ICSC is one of the oldest Strategic Partners of Thermbond (now Alkegen.) We stock a number of grades of dense and insulating mixes in casting, gunning and ramming grades. These products are known for their unique bonding system which allows fast setting, fast firing with shorter curing times than conventional castables,We also stock conventional castables in insulating, dense, low cement and high alumina grades as well as refractory mortars and refractory plastics. Some of our brands are BNZ, Calderys, SSRC, United Refractories and Vesuvius USA.

Refractory Anchors

For almost 30 years, ICSC has partnered with Refractory Anchors Inc. (RAI) to provide the highest quality and most dependable anchoring systems for all refractory linings of plastics, castables, ceramic fiber blanket and modules. We also stock and provide anchoring for many fireproofing applications such as lath & cornerbead/ chamfer strips, etc.

High Temp Insulations

ICSC proudly represents Nutec and Alkegen (formerly Unifrax) for our ceramic fiber needs. We stock a wide range of blankets, boards, modules, papers, textiles, and pumpables to meet any furnace maintenance need.